3.5 Ways Vendors Steal Your Most Valuable Asset

Today I’m going to share with you three and half ways that you can stop vendors from stealing your most valuable asset and why you might not even realize that they are doing it. What’s even more intriguing is that the vendors are not even doing anything wrong.

If you have been around for awhile you will hear story after story of people who try to get some sort of a business going online and yet they fail.  There is a common reason why they fail…they are not building a list.  Now before you click off the page, hear me out for just one more minute, this isn’t just another list building article.

If you look at any successful business or marketer they have one thing in common, they have a list of their customers and of their potential customers. huge lists. Often in the tens of thousands. Also, a big part of their business plan is to continue to grow their list.  This way they can promote their products and services again and again.

So how do successful marketers build their lists so big you ask? Successful marketers have people just like you and me build their list for them.  Now there is nothing wrong with this model, it’s just business, I’m here to show you how you can capitalize on this business model too and start to build your huge list.  

I hope I’m starting to get your attention.  Before I get to the solutions, give me 45 more seconds to look into the mind of a successful marketer.  I promise you it will be worth it.



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